Our Business

Since 2011, Egalite Hawkins Singapore (SG) has operated throughout all market conditions and cycles. We have placed over $60m of investor funds in over 18 mixed commercial and residential projects, bunkering and dredging sea vessels. EH (SG) has acquired $124m in multifamily and associated companies’ business in Asia and Asia Pacific.


From its inception, EH (SG) has become the recognised provider of investment opportunity projects. This includes a venture into a property development project in Brisbane, Australia. According to the Real Estate Buyers Agents Association of Australia (REBAA) 1 , this is a housing market that has been tipped to remain buoyant for investors in the coming years.

EH (SG) also sees the value in diversifying its portfolio of companies. One such example is the emerging industry of extreme sports. We have invested into the distribution of action sports products, especially in extreme off-road motorsports and mountain biking. The product line includes apparels, accessories, motorbikes, spare parts and a lifestyle collection for die-hard fans of the sport.


We are constantly looking ahead at new business opportunities, in particular to a future driven by the rise of innovative technologies, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of Things. EH (SG) has begun venturing into businesses developing IT products and digital infrastructure, creating mobile applications, mobile gaming applications, connectivity solutions, websites, as well as porting and migration of systems.

Using these customised business software solutions, developed for both desktop and mobile, companies improve productivity, reduce costs, promotes customer loyalty and increase revenues. Some of these software systems include: (1) Accounting management, (2) Customer relations management, (3) Project management, (4) Human resource management and (5) Point of sale management.

At EH (SG) there is one asset we prize above all others. It is our unique blend of vision, experience, and performance that underpins everything we do. Our set of values that defines us. Our investment philosophy that inspires us to bring value to our select clients, partners and private investors.